1556269_487868601319878_2140648928_oGoose Bumps is a “Just for fun” or “Beer Can” event…

We provide a course, Flags, Horns and will post results on the NW Riggers YC web site…. No protest will be heard or accepted…

Be aware that there are air-planes landing in Lake Union and boat traffic in the Ship Canal… You are responsible to always avoid collisions and are liable for damages.


Monitor Radio Channel 69

If you jump the gun the penalty will be to re-start.  We will announce the jumpers on Channel 69. If you don’t restart, you will be disqualified. Hit the committee boat, you are disqualified.



Starboard tack has right of way over port tack. Port tack steers clear.

Leeward has the right of way over windward. Windward steers clear.

Over taking boat steers clear.

Avoid collisions at all costs.


There will be two starts:

Geese will be awarded to the top three finishers in both starts: (Blue, Red and Yellow) A teal goose will be awarded to all starters. The most points will be awarded to the top finishers and there will be post season over all awards.


Flags and Horns

Time                Horn                Flag

Pre Start          12:50               1 long              White Flag Up

12:54                                         White Flag Down

12:55                1 long              Blue Flag Up

12:59                                          Blue Flag Down

1st Start            1:00                 1 long              Red Flag Up (For one minute)

2nd Start           1:05                 1 long

Post Start                                 3 short             Race is Over, Course is closed.


We will not hesitate if the wind is too radical to abandon the event.


NW Riggers Yacht Club (NW Riggers) and Seattle Singles Yacht Club (SSYC) co-sponsor the events. NW Riggers welcome all interested in sailing or power boating. We meet on Tuesdays, 5pm to 6pm at Ivar’s Salmon House on Northlake Union. Results of the events can be had at http://www.nwriggers.com   SSYC meets Monday night at 7:30 at China Harbor on Westlake. http://seattlesinglesyachtclub.com