NorthWest Riggers Yacht Club


Crew Requirements and Responsibilities for Sailing Events


CLOTHING – Bring suitable rain gear (that allows you to move freely on deck).  Wear deck shoes or boots that are soft soled, non-skid and non-marking.  Wear warm, layered clothing, suitable for the prevailing conditions.


SIGNUP – Call the trip leader.  Boat assignments will be made by the trip leader.  Preference will be honored whenever possible and appropriate, but they must be given latitude to make changes, if necessary, to best accommodate all persons concerned.  (Sometimes the skipper will invite you.)


Trip leaders must be made aware, in advance, of the physical limitations or disabilities, or medical problems that could require attention during the sail.


Departure time and place are at the skipper’s discretion.  Skippers are not required to wait beyond the scheduled departure time and any delays are at the skippers option.  If you have any time requirements that would affect departure or return times, you must clear that with your skipper before the trip.


If last minute changes or circumstances arise that prevent you from participating on one of the trips, call the trip leader, not just the Skipper, so they can arrange any changes in boat assignments that will be necessary.


FOOD – Find out about food arrangements from the trip leader.  How many times eating out.  Potlucks; some planned potlucks and some big potlucks (bring what you want).  How many meals will be on the boat?  Get together with other crew members and decide what to bring.  Find out from the skipper who else is in the crew.  If you are going to be cooking, find out from the skipper what facilities are on the boat.


BEVERAGES – Bring your own beverages.  A moderate use of alcohol is permitted.  Check with the skipper about water on the boat.  Some boats have water tanks that are not suitable for drinking or tainted with chlorine, fiberglass or plastic flavors or smells.  They may carry drinking water in jugs or prefer crew to bring their own.


DRUGS – Illegal use of drugs will not be tolerated.  No illegal drugs are to be carried aboard any boat.  The boat could be seized and the crew sent to jail.


COST – The cost of these trips will be on a shared expense basis by the crew members, to offset the actual cost of the trip.  These costs include, but are not limited to, moorage fees, food costs, and meals ashore.  The crew pays for the skippers share.


Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) – Check with the skipper to see if there is enough life vests for everyone.  Usually this is not a problem but for better fit, safety and comfort you may want to bring your own personal one.  Sometimes day sails will have an extra number of crew and need more PFDs.  If the PFD size needed by you is not within a normal range, it is expected you will provide your own.


GENERAL INFORMATION – Reasonable care will be taken to insure a save and comfortable environment for all participants, but each person is ultimately responsible for their own conduct and well being.


The skipper’s authority over conduct and the use of their vessel is absolute.


Non members will be allowed to make one trip with the club, but will be expected to join if they want to keep sailing with us.


The purpose of our sailing program is to have fun.  It is anticipated that participants will receive some instruction and get practice in boat handling to improve their boating skills, but this may not always be the case.  Over expectations could lead to disappointment, but a little sharing and caring can result in an enjoyable trip for all involved.