Gsbmp3-300x225vest_logo_smDuck Dodge racing is on Lake Union
in Seattle during the summer.

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LAKE UNION Beer Can Regatta

Rule 1: Starboard Tack has Right of Way Rule 2: Rules of the road apply Rule 3: No hitting one-another(With or without boats) Rule 4: Take all marks to PORT unless noted on Race Course Rule 5: No hitting one-another Rule 6: Bribing the committee is against the rules (while anybody is looking) Rule 7: No hitting one-another Rule 8: There is no rule number 8 Rule 9: No hitting one-another Rule 10: Follow all the rules Rule 11: No hitting one-another Rule 12: Never make a duck change its course (Dodge the Duck)Registration procedure: Sail by the committee boat before the start. Tell them your boat name and sail number. Be sure they acknowledge you. That’s it!There are no customs unless you go really way off course.

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